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beplay体育安卓_beplay网页版_beplay电脑版 is a company that focuses on customer experience and provides innovative integration of IT services to industry customers, corporate customers and end customers. Since its establishment in 2006, beplay体育安卓_beplay网页版_beplay电脑版 has formed a competitive and high value-added business core through innovative technology and professional IT solutions and service system. It helps users to improve operational efficiency, reduce operating costs, and has established branch offices in Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Chengdu, Wuhan, Tokyo with more than 3500 employees to provide professional services to our customers.


For a decade, beplay体育安卓_beplay网页版_beplay电脑版's sales revenue increased 15 times with the average annual compound growth rate of 35%. It passed ISO9000, ISO20000, ISO27001, CMM3, PIPA and CMMI international safety and quality certification, and is awarded the honor of National Hi-tech Enterprises Recognition, China Software and Information Service Industry AAA Evaluation, Outstanding Human Resources Management Enterprise, China Top Ten Leading Software Enterprises, The Best Practice for Software Outsourcing Service Promotion, The Most Potential Enterprise in China Software and Information Service Industry and so on.

beplay体育安卓_beplay网页版_beplay电脑版 provides comprehensive IT solutions for customers from medical, insurance, communication, energy, industrial park, Epublic services, and other industries. It established the the largest investment data center in northern China, using cloud computing, big data, emerging technologies, such as the mobile Internet to provide professional IT services business for global companies in the Asia-Pacific region.


Through innovative technology and professional IT solutions and services system, beplay体育安卓_beplay网页版_beplay电脑版 establishes long-term stable cooperative relations with global well-known enterprises such as Fuji Xerox, SOFTBANK, UNISYS, SONY, Tencent, Huawei, MIUI, NetApp, BMC, BAYER, Astrazeneca, Sanofi, and Takeda Pharmaceutical Company in areas of application software development, business process outsourcing, product engineering services, embedded software development, technical support management, enterprise resource planning implementation, Internet product development, the mobile Internet technology, committed to continuously promote the comprehensive competitiveness and realize the value of customers. beplay体育安卓_beplay网页版_beplay电脑版 continues to provide services to these customers in nearly 120,000 enterprise IT users in nine countries.


beplay体育安卓_beplay网页版_beplay电脑版 will take "Use innovative technology and service, make the world more flat" as the enterprise vision and mission, always uphold the core values of "customer first, result oriented, fine work, enterprising spirit, collaborative development" . beplay体育安卓_beplay网页版_beplay电脑版 believes in the common growth of employees, customers, enterprises and social values, and has become a leading global IT solution and service provider through continuous efforts.

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